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My passion for photography was born the day when i found at home an old canon ef film of my father, with whom i began to explore this new world of which soon, i fell in love. From the beginning i started to refine the various techniques without dwelling on a single genre, interested in always different subjects. The passion for underwater photography was born only afterwards when, in 2011, I attended a specialty course in rome obtaining the qualification of underwater photographer assigned to you have technical scientific surveys. Thus began the immeasurable passion for the underwater world that also took me abroad traveling to the discovery of new biodiversity, allowing me to know and compare myself with various photographers, taking from each of several creative ideas. The photographic research path that i am implementing will not stop until i have managed to acquire my own precise and defined style.


Always seeking new adventures and challenges. His underwater photography career started in 2011 with a small “Fuji” compact camera as a leisure scuba diving activity and became a passionate hobby.
So far, the highlight of his career was in May 2015 when he won the title of 15th CMAS World Championship in Underwater Photography as the best all-round photographer, winning gold, silver and bronze medals in 3 categories (close-up, close-up with theme and wide angle with model).
He currently works as an SSI diving instructor, educating, meeting new people and travelling the world while capturing amazing underwater moments.
His photos have been published in magazines, newspapers and websites all over the world like National Geographic, SCUBALIFE and Croatian Traveller.
In 2013 he founded the “Mares Underwater Photo Marathon” and have been its chief organizer and director since then.


Konstantin started out specializing in landscape photography in the 1980s.Today this “German master of underwater photography” finds himself underwater with his Nikon Camera in an SEACAM housing.
Konstantin has won countless national, international, and even worldwide photo competitions. Especially in the field of “Creation and fashion under water”.
His beautiful underwater model pictures enhance thousands of articles in books, sports, and glossy magazines.
He is a true master in his field!
Since 2013, Konstantin has been organizing regular underwater photography training for photographers and models, mermaid-themed events, software training, photographic expeditions, and personal training sessions.
Konstantin’s motto is: “Let only your imagination set the limits of what is possible.”


Mike is a working Underwater Photographer and the resident photo-pro at Crystal Blue Resort in Anilao, Philippines. He has an insatiable love for finding unique marine life, observing and photo-graphing it’s behavior and sharing his in-sight and knowledge with others. His curiosity and drive for first-hand experience has lead him across the globe in search of that special critter encoun-ter.
Mike is a widely published, award winning Photographer, writer and international public speaker with work appearing monthly in various magazines, websites and internet publications.
Mike also hosts photo clinics, workshops and seminars at Crystal Blue Resort, concentrating on the different aspects of Underwater Photography and the natural history of South East Asia and the Indo-Pacific.


Veterinarian in Reunion Island, a tropical French island located between Madagascar and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.
I first came to underwater photography through biology: my first camera was used to shoot all the fish that I saw in the lagoons of my island to learn to recognize them. Then, under the influence of photographers who have since become friends, I now try to highlight the most beautiful and amazing aspects of marine life to show them to the public.
Amateur diver and photographer, if I sometimes participate successfully in national and international competitions, it’s on Facebook that I show my photos the most: on my public page or in the group dedicated to the biodiversity of the Marine Natural Reserve Area of Reunion Island, where I am co-administrator.

Julian Nedev – Bulgaria

A founder and organizer (without the right to vote in the jury) of First International Underwater Competition and Print Salon in Bulgaria “Proteus” Varna. Graduate art – photographer. CMAS underwater photography instructor. Member of the Association of Advertising Photographers. Member of the Photographic Academy – Bulgaria. A master photographer with the National Chamber of Crafts, Bulgaria. He has won many prizes in international competitions for underwater photography. There are 38 solo exhibitions, 19 of which are underwater. Since 1996 the first one in Bulgaria is implementing underwater projects with models. His father, he is one of the first underwater photographers in Bulgaria.


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