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The Third International Underwater Photography
Salon Protey 2023 was opened today.

I want to express my immense gratitude to you,

who once again supported this young cultural project.

We received a total of 441 photos from 67 authors from 21 countries.

The printed catalog includes 72 photographs by 55 authors.

The representative exhibition includes 28 photographs by 22 authors.

Creator and organizer of MFSPF “Proteus” – Julian Nedev


They are te people working to provide you the best experiences.

Andrea Michelutti - Italy

Born in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, where he still lives and works, he soon discovered his love for photography, his first SLR dates back to 1981.
A great travel enthusiast, he has always focused his attention on the synergy between the landscapes and the people that populate them, to translate his particular idea of “going” into images.
Since 2014 he became passionate about underwater photography, where he has translated his particular “feeling”, always trying to establish an empathy with the inhabitants of the underwater world.
Thanks to the sea and its creatures, he found the way to best express his natural aptitude for colour.
Underwater photographer for passion and fun, he has obtained recognitions in some of the most important national and international competitions, with the privilege of achieving great satisfactions starting from pure passion.

Cristina Fernandez - Spain

My passion for the underwater world was born the day when I first saw, as a child, a young Jacques Cousteau diving and showing us the wonder of the “Silent world”. On my very first payday I did my Open Water Course and years later I decided to buy a little compact camera to show all my friends and family the incredible beauty of the underwater world. Although I don’t have many opportunities to dive, it is when I am underwater that my soul is fully in tune with nature, and I feel at one with myself again. Trying to capture the beauty of this great unknow realm and showing it to others is my way to contribute to the awareness and care that our Oceans need. In this way, I began my immeasurable passion for the underwater world and that also took me abroad traveling to discover new marine biodiversity but it was really when I became administrator of Marine Pixels, that I started to improve my technique and acquire my own style. I had won some international competitions and have some of my pictures published on magazines, websites and even hanging on the walls of some hotels and particular homes but it is on Facebook and Instagram that I show my photos the most.

Filip Staes - Belgium

Filip’s diving career started 29 years ago in the analog era. A few years later he took his first photos in the Red Sea with a rented Nikonos. He has achieved more than 175 national and international podium places. Some of his greatest achievements are: 4 times Photographer of the Year in Belgium, winner of the Dutch Championship and also two times winner of the fresh water category, first place creative vision at Ocean Geographic in Australia, the David Doubilet award and the Jim Church award for excellence and creativity in photography at Beneath The Sea (USA) and vice worldchampion in the fish portrait category at the CMAS World Underwater Photography Championship (2021). His passion for photography along with a constant hunger for new and creative visions led to the foundation of his Underwater Photography Academy. There he passes on his knowledge during webinars, workshops and photo theme dives. Presentations to companies and clubs are also part of his duties and he regularly publishes articles. For his distant adventures, he organizes group trips with fellow photographers. Filip is ambassador for Hugyfot, Sea & Sea, Amilco Sports, Da Factory and Xpozer.

Marco lausdei - Italy

Born in Ancona, born in the sea, i love it since my grandfather take me in his small wood boat when i was one year old. In 2010 i realize the dream to became scuba diving instructor. I started with me a very small Nikon Coolpix with a piece of tape on the small camera flash as light diffuser. I loved it and since that time i try my best to do always better. I love to experiment all condition, with all types of equipments. My personal point of view is that photography born by passion, hearth and sensations and later by equipment. I had my best results using compact cameras with low budget system and i think that even with a budget equipment is possible to create somethings unique. After some years i moved forward to reflex system that i’m currently using tryng to grow as underwater photographer day by day. Currently howner and photographer at Manta Tribe Maldives, in Baa Atoll, Hanifaru bay area, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Miguel Ramirez - FRANCE

“I live on Reunion Island, a small French tropical island near Madagascar. This little paradise rich in biodiversity has allowed me to practice my passion, underwater photography, for 7 years. But it’s only been 4 years that I participate regularly and sometimes successfully in national and international photo competitions. I successfully specialized in the category of compact cameras, and in particular the Olympus TG range. Also passionate about biodiversity and diving, I regularly share my photos on social networks. It is a pleasure to show the public the underwater wonders that can be encountered, while diving as well as snorkeling in the lagoons of my island.”

Julian Nedev - Bulgaria

A founder and organizer (without the right to vote in the jury) of First International Underwater Competition and Print Salon in Bulgaria “Proteus” Varna. Graduate art – photographer. CMAS underwater photography instructor. Member of the Association of Advertising Photographers. Member of the Photographic Academy – Bulgaria. A master photographer with the National Chamber of Crafts, Bulgaria. He has won many prizes in international competitions for underwater photography. There are 39 solo exhibitions, 21 of which are underwater. Since 1996 the first one in Bulgaria is implementing underwater projects with models. His father, he is one of the first underwater photographers in Bulgaria.

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