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Now is the time when you can present your photos.
We start accepting your photos from 05.12.2022
Deadline for receiving photos – 05.03.2023 – 23:59:59 CET

1. Wide Angle with DSLR & Mirrorless cameras (W_DM)
2. Macro with DSLR & Mirrorless cameras (M_DM)
3. Wide Angle with Compact cameras (W_CC)
4. Macro with Compact cameras (M_CC)
5. Conceptual & Fashion with DSLR, Mirrorless cameras or Compact cameras (CF)

All photographers from all over the world, amateurs and professionals, have the opportunity to participate.
Each photographer can submit up to 10 photos in each of the five categories.
Images must be in sRGB color space, with a long side size of not less than 3000 px, up to 10 MB.
The online registration in the competition automatically means the participant agrees and accepts all rules of the competition.
No photos of live nature taken in an aquarium are accepted.
Watermarks are not allowed.
Award winners from first to third place will be required to submit a RAW file to the jury.
Photos already won first, second and third place in similar competitions are not allowed!
Adjustments in sharpness, contrast, crop or shrink up to 30%, removal of backscatter are allowed.
Photo editing that alters the main content of a photo, such as moving, deleting objects, and / or inserting foreign object is not allowed.
All changes, modifications, and post-processing are allowed in the conceptual section.
Participants are required to comply with environmental legislation and protect the underwater world during shooting, no matter where they are underwater. All photos showing disruption of the natural habitat of beings, provocation by touch, food or harassment (prohibited by law) will be disqualified.
It is absolutely forbidden to use non-author photos.

The registration is made online through the entry form of the contest. You must enter the entry form. Then you have to select the number of images you want to send. Upload your pictures and then pay the required entry fee.
Registration method
The name of the photograph should be written as follows:
Category_Section_Name_Surname of the author _ Name of the photo.jpg
For example : M_DM_John_Miler_Macroworld.jpg
Once you have successfully registered, the organizers will configure your photo names in a six-digit code.
Members of the jury will not see image titles or other references to photographers.
Fee for participation and payments 5 EURO per uploaded photo through the entry form.
Optional : 20 EURO – Printed luxury catalog of the competition, size 22×23 cm including postal delivery to the address declared by the participant. The catalog will take about 100 photos including all award winners by sections and categories as well as their sub-rankings up to tenth place.

The participants authorize Photography Competition Protey to publish their photos entered in the photography competition and the catalog through any international media means only for the purpose of promotion and advertising of the Photography Competition Protey, while the intellectual and material rights of the photographers are preserved.

Statuette, honorary competition diploma, luxury catalog of the competition and awards from the organizer for first, second and third place for each category section
Honorary mention of the runner-ups for each category and section + diploma and luxury catalog.
Special prize for the best-represented author. / the best of show /
Special prize for the best-represented Bulgarian author.
Prizes will be awarded personally to the winners from Bulgaria, and for everyone else, they will be sent to an address specified in the entry form at the expense of the winner.

We start accepting your photos from 05.12.2022
Deadline for receiving photos – 05.03.2023 – 23:59:59 CET
Jury: 10.04.2022
Notifying of participants of the results after 20.04.2023
Award ceremony and exhibition: 03 or 10.05.2023
Sending of the contest catalog and prizes after 01.06.2023